Shade Plants and Flowers | Shade-Loving Perennials

Our perennial shade plants collection includes choices that prefer shady locations, but depending on the variety, some may tolerate part shade to part sun. While most perennial shade plants prefer rich, moist soil, certain varieties can handle dry shade as well. Refer to the plant characteristics in each plant description to find their soil preference. If you have dry shade, be sure to check plants like Brilliance Autumn fern, grassy Carex pensylvanica, miniature Hosta ‘Mini Skirt’, and Saxifraga stolonifera. If you are looking for flowering shade plants, check out Lamium ‘Chequers’, Gentiana ‘True Blue’, Phlox procumbens ‘Variegata’, and Meehania cordata. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, a landscaper, or simply getting started with gardening, our perennial shade plants will have something for your situation.
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