The three Rhodea japonica plants that I ordered on Monday and that you shipped later that day arrived in Fairfax yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, and I planted them this morning.  Despite being the dormant season, the plants looked terrific.  I was impressed by the box in which they came.  The corrugated insert is very effective and really creative; my compliments to your packaging supplier.  

All around, very well done.  I will look forward to ordering again.

Best regards,

Fred F. 


Just put in a new order for fall planting, including some repeats of plants I've bought previously, and I want to tell you that those Grape Sensation Gaillarda were the happiest new plants in my garden this summer. They soldiered on through high temps and dry conditions and kept on blooming--masses of lovely purple flowers. Loved them so much I ordered more! You guys just keep getting better and better. - Nancy H. 



Received my plants today! The quality and of condition of the plants is excellent! I’m so pleased. - Alice


Beautiful!  So healthy they looked artificial.  Excellent Packing With Care!!!! So Happy!  Moist soil was excellent in transport.  Thank you!!!!





I received the plants today and they look great. You are Easily one of the best among the online deliveries. Domenique 


Thank you so much for the incredible care you took ensuring my plants arrived in such fantastic condition.  This was my first order and I was nervous about what to expect but you can be sure I will definitely order more plants in future.  Thanks again

Lisa A.


The plants arrived and they are spectacular. I rarely have plants arrive from shipping that look that good. I wanted you to know I appreciate your effort.

Many thanks. You have a loyal customer.

Lynn J.


Greetings-   I believe this is your address for complaints.  I have no complaints.  Just

wanted you to know the plants you sent were in excellent  condition and beautifully packed.  Without a doubt the best-looking  mail-order plant order shipment I've ever seen.  I'll definitely order from you again and will tell all my friends.

Keep up the good work 


Larry M.



Dear RareRoots Team - I apologize for the delay in sending you a note on this (my order was from October!), but I want to reach out to thank you for the shipment of plants. I have made quite a few online/mail orders for plants in the past three or four years, and never have I received such beautiful, healthy plants before. They were strong, well watered and in perfect condition. I am not sure how you did it, but please keep doing it! I am slowly developing a new garden along the banks of our pond (it is a natural, not a man-made, water feature, fed by two streams), and the little Veronica spicata (Snow candles) will add just the right touch, I am sure.

In these days of shopping online out of necessity, I have found that I am least adept at shopping for my garden. It is nearly impossible to “choose” plants without seeing them in person, as there is such a wide gulf between what is shown on a computer screen and what often arrives. That is not the case with your plants, and you are now bookmarked for me as a first choice. I only wish you were actually closer to me geographically (although I am sure that would be a bad thing as far as my bank account is concerned).

So, thank you again, and I hope to place more orders in the spring. I will spend the winter months dreaming of new plantings!

Best wishes,

Megan C.


The bee balm plants are beautiful! Because of the pandemic, I have ordered plants through the mail from several different companies for the first time. I have received dead plants, half-dead plants, and plants that did not survive transplanting. Your plants were in the best condition of any I have ordered, and your packaging was excellent.

I will definitely order from you again!

Teresa B.


My plants arrived today in great shape. I am so happy to find the Nierembergia and the Freckles violet again. I will certainly recommend you to friends and I am sure I will find other must haves for myself.

Peggy G.


Thank you very much for the extraordinary care that you took to package my flowering plants. I received my order on September 15, 2020, and could not have been more pleased with the superior quality of plants that I received, and the exceptional packaging of them. I have never before received plants via mail, that were packaged with the level of care that you packaged my Verbena plants. They were in excellent condition. 

I will surely, highly recommend your company to any one who aspires to become a gardener, or to regular gardeners who desire to order high quality plants from a very reputable company, and a company who seems to take pride in excellent service/goods delivery. 


Dora B.


I have been gardening for 55 years and purchasing plants online for many of those years. My Gaura 'Siskiyou Pink' Wandflower came in the best condition of any plants I have ever ordered online. The packaging was fantastic.

Thank you for the care given to delivering high quality plants in exceptional condition.

I will be looking for any future plants I am considering at Rare Roots first!

Carol W.

order #7469 


Shipping department you are the best.

Thank you for the excellent shipping package.  The flowers arrived In great condition. 

Keith J.


Received my order today and they are GREAT!!!

Thanks so much for quality plants!!


Glenna V.


 I just received my phlox plants. The packing was perfect and so are the plants. They don’t look as though they traveled anywhere in a box… they look like plants that I bought locally. Thank you!

Best regards,

Debra J.


Got my plants-very nice- fast shipping, immaculate packaging, already planted. Bob R. 



Lemme tell you something about your packaging technique.......................FABULOUS!..Thank you!....You need to do tutorials for several other plant shipping companies. Due to the current lockdown, I ordered plants from several different companies,only to be sadly disappointed in the condition of the plants upon arrival. One company told me not to worry, if the root ball was ok, then the plant would eventually survive. WRONG ANSWER.....if i wanted a plant that "might" survive, I'd buy one for pennies from the trash cart at Walmart, not pay a premium price to have a broken and bedraggled plant delivered to my door. Your product arrived looking fresh,healthy , and like something I could have easily picked up at the local nursery. You are certainly on my list for repeat business.

Thank you again,

Donna U.


I am so happy to have yet another supply of my lysimachia minutissima groundcover.  They came so well packaged for travel and looking as healthy as all the rest I've ordered.  I have been enjoying putting them in the ground so much.  Even before they reach out to each other they are a joyful sight of brightness and anticipation of growth.  Your customers can really count on you. Thank you!



Your plants have been the best of any I’ve ordered this spring. Great variety, healthy, love the quart sizes, well packed for shipping. Enjoy the summer, and I’ll look forward to shopping at Rare Roots again in the fall. Brava!

> Nancy H.


I just planted my Sweet Woodruff and I have to tell you these are the best, healthies, mail order plants I have ever gotten.  I have ordered multiple types of plants from other well known suppliers over the years.  I've never seen such well packaged plants.  I will be ordering again shortly.  

I had ordered the Sweet Woodruff from someone else in the past and was not satisfied, I've been looking in local garden centers for years.  Finally my search is over!

thank you for my beautiful plants,

Annalisa D.


I recently ordered plants from your company

and would just like to say how satisfied I am

with them. I only planted them 2 weeks ago

and they are thriving. Thank You


After happily finding your website, then speaking with you, I was filled with excitement. And I was equally excited after receiving my order! Each plant was so healthy and well cared for. I also appreciate the planting instructions which is further proof of your concern that you want to make sure after you have nurtured each plant that we continue to do the same and have success in our gardens. I greatly appreciate the care(s)...customer care, care of the plants and the care of packaging each plant.

I plan to order more plants and look forward to your fall selections!

Happy Gardener!



I received my plants and just wanted to commend you on such beautiful plants and the care in packaging. They arrived in pristine condition - better than if I would have bought them from a local nursery.

Great job and attention to detail. Love of the plants and the work was definitely felt!



Thank you so much for the wonderful looking plants. I was starting to lose confidence in mail-order flower companies. Some companies seemed to have forgotten that customers actually do open the packages and look at what is inside with a hopeful expectation of planting what was sent and watching it grow into a healthy flowering plant. You guys have clearly not forgotten and have sent out plants that look healthy and promising.

Jesse H.



I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how impressed I am with the quality of plants I received.

I've been mail ordering plants since the 90s, and you are among two sellers who exceeded my expectations.

Thank you, and I look forward to more plants from you on the future.

Please see attached photo of just recently planted Lonicera John Clayton.

Jennie N.



I placed my first order with your company a few days ago.

It arrived safely to my home today.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of each of the 6 plants that I ordered from you.

In addition the packaging of the plants was superb and the planting instruction sheet well written and most helpful.

I cannot believe that in all my searches for plants it has taken me this long to find your wonderful site.

You have a lot of beautiful plant choices as well. I will be sure to sing your praises to my family and fellow gardeners! 

Most Sincerely,

Janet D.


I’ve been in the business for 30 years, first as a grower.  This is exactly what mail order should be. The plants are lush, full, clean as a whistle and the packaging reflects (and protects) the excellent quality.  I’m retired now and I do a lot of mail order, and yours is truly outstanding! 



Your care and passion are evident in your website, ordering process, communication, but most especially these beautiful and hard to find plants.  I could not be more pleased, thank you again!



Kathy S.


I like to encourage people who do good work and am pleased to spread the word about good things I see.  

( I worked full time in libraries for 20 years, and discovered that people are fast to complain, but rarely express appreciation... 

It made me determined to take time to express praise and appreciation when that was deserved, as well as express criticism when THAT was deserved.. )

I truly was impressed when I opened your box. The plants are so beautiful.

I have ordered starter plants before, and sometimes been sorely disappointed.

Best wishes to you all -- be well,



Dear RareRoots Representative:

Today I received the shipment mentioned above and write to you at this time to thank you for your superb handling of my order. I have purchased many plants by catalog or online order over the years but have never received plants in healthier condition than the two aquilegia just received from you. Their condition was maintained by the best packing I’ve ever seen. I am so glad to have learned of RareRoots and look forward to more purchases in the near future.

Best regards,

Bill T.


I was very impressed with the careful packaging that you used to send my order.  The plants were in beautiful shape when they arrived.  They were sent half way across the US and arrived looking better than any I could have purchased in my local nursery.  They are also enjoying growing in my garden.

Thank you so much for love of plants!
Patricia H.
Maryville, IL 


My order looks great! The plants were so we'll packaged and very healthy. I couldn't have picked better and everything arrived quickly. Thanks so much.

-melissa b.


I just received my order and have to tell you how impressed I am with the beautiful plants and the amazing way that you pack them for shipment.  I have ordered plants over the years from a number of companies and have never seen such care in the delivery method utilized nor have any of the plants equaled yours. 

I’ll be a faithful customer from here on out.  One other thing that I failed to mention was that you had plant material that I couldn’t find on other sites.  Your online explanations are terrific.

Thank you so much.  I will be passing your name on to  all my gardening friends.


Linda H.

Eliot Maine


Hello rareroots team,

My name is Monica and I just received my box of plants from rareroots. I have ordered many plants from various companies during this pandemic. 

I am so impressed with everything about your company. The plants arrived looking beautiful, packed so well, were hydrated upon arrival and looked fantastic. 

I have been so disappointed with other on line discoveries, but am so impressed with Rareroots. It is so evident that thought, care and dedication went into sending out this package. It arrived quickly as well. 

I had to write to you and let you know how very happy I am to have discovered you company on line. I will certainly order more plants and share your website with friends and family.

 Best of luck in continuing your excellent customer service. Thank you!!

Monica P. (NY)


I received my delivery today. It was the best plant packing job that I have received from a mail order plant. Plant arrived in perfect condition. Well done. Thank you.  Zena.



I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my order.  The plants are in PERFECT shape.  So healthy, so happy.

They were packed with so much care.

My husband’s entire career has been in airfreight and I couldn’t wait to show him the packaging.  He was extremely impressed.

He told me “you guys get it right”.

Thank you again,





Good morning



I received my order yesterday and I could not have been more pleased.



I was amazed at their size, and wonderful blooming condition.



Let me know if I can give feedback somewhere.



Awesome company- so glad I found you.



Will buy again.

thank you








My plants arrived in amazing condition and I planted them yesterday. Very excited to see them bloom in my flower garden!


Thank you







 > Hello rare roots, I received my plant order yesterday. She was well packed and healthy looking. I will be ordering again from rare roots. Thank you

Michelle H. 


I received three small orders (my first from your company) over the past couple of days. Thanks to your wonderfully thorough packaging, everything arrived in perfect condition.  I am delighted and will definitely be ordering from you in the future.  Arthur C.


Your plants arrived and are flourishing and blossoming in our back yard and on our front stoop.  We love them, and our neighbors do, too.  It is helping to bring joy to our Brooklyn block in the middle of this rough pandemic.  We need it.


Sarah M.






Good morning,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how very pleased I was with the plants I ordered from you.   Three large boxes were delivered yesterday afternoon....it was like Springtime Christmas.   Each plant was beautifully and carefully packed,  well moistened and large.    Getting fully developed plants in quart containers is such a blessing compared to the bare root,  packed in plastic bags I’ve gotten from other online sites.  One perk for me since I have arthritis in my hands was the ease of being able to unpack everything....no huge staples, thick cardboard dividers stapled in or other difficult packaging!   

 I’m waiting for things to dry after a recent rain so I can get most things in the ground but couldn’t wait and have already put in two of the hostas and two heucheras around my back patio.   

Thanks so much for your great selections, large, healthy plants and good service.....I’ll be back for more.

 Ruth B.



I ordered 3 hostas, squiggles and wiggles, from you.  They came today- packaged beautifully and looking great!  Thanks for the care you took to get them to their new home😉. Robin S.


I am so thrilled with the quality and packaging of the plants I received from you today!  Amazing!  These healthy, beautiful plants could not have possibly been packed any more carefully!  What a delight!  Laurel L. 



Plant arrived today in great condition with plenty of healthy-looking foliage, well- packaged and in a nice-sized pot.  Can't ask for more than that.

I am a very happy new customer!

     Charles  R.


I just received my first order from Rare Roots and I just wanted to say Thank You.

I ordered Cats Pajamas Catmint and I was so impressed with how lovingly packaged the plants were.  They arrived looking like they thoroughly enjoyed their journey and didn't look the least bit dehydrated or otherwise droopy.  I had never heard of Rare Roots before but I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thank you!


Fort Mill, SC


I don’t often write to provide feedback for online orders but I’m so impressed with your service and product that I feel compelled to express my thanks.  This is the first time I’ve ordered from you.  I was looking for Mazus Reptans, not particularly easy to find.  You had it, you’re in a nearby state to me and I liked the whole idea of the family business.  Your website is great and the ordering process is smooth.  I ordered on a Saturday and, by Tuesday, the plants arrived at my doorstep.  They were carefully packed, plants in excellent condition and I got them in the ground the same day. 

I’ll be back on your site to shop again.  Thanks for being a new resource.  I’m telling my neighbors!

Peggy, North Carolina

 I just received my THIRD order from Rare Roots and am just as thrilled with it as I have been with my first and second orders.  I’ve used four different online sources this year and Rare Roots is just outstanding—and all for the right reasons!  The plants are healthy and well cared for, packaged beautifully and are shipped when you say they will be shipped.  I have not had that same experience, or anything close to it,  with all online sellers.  Thank you so much for being such a valuable resource.  My husband and I are avid gardeners.  Of course, we have our favorite local nursery but I can say with assurance that we will continue ordering from you as a standing resource, not just in this short term health crisis.


> Peggy from North Carolina


Amazing quality and shipping. Can’t wait to order again! Thanks so much

Susan P.



I just wanted to thank you for the lush looking plants and fabulous packaging (reminds me greatly of Lazy S Farm).Everything looks wonderful and I’m anxious to get them in their permanent home.

Thanks again for the fast, efficient and super service. I’ll be singing your praises to my small group of plantoholics.


Cynthia , Centreville, VA


 My plants arrived yesterday and are beautiful.  Thank you so much for the quick delivery and making it possible to get such lovely plants.  I was mourning not being able to make my normal springtime plant buying excursion to the Richmond area, but you brought the plants to me.  Thanks for making this dedicated gardener smile in these difficult times.



Until now, I've always been afraid to order plants online.  It just didn't seem to me that plants could arrive in good shape considering how many other things are damaged during shipment.  The beautiful, healthy Rare Roots plants arrived in perfect condition because they were expertly packed.  How delightful to find a company that gets it right!

Thank you!   Mickey D.   Flat Rock, NC


Order Arrived.  Want to tell you they are the best looking mail order plants I ever received. Thanks!  -  Judy F.


Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived on Friday as scheduled and the plants looked beautiful.  They went into the ground yesterday and I hope they'll like their new home.  I receive five or more plant catalogues these days and yours has a great number of offerings I don't see anywhere else  --  including a wonderfully extensive selection of groundcovers.  So many nice choices! - Ansley R.


Dear Friends,

I received your perennials and I was pleasantly surprised that they arrived just as though I had bought them at a garden center. They were in perfect condition, well-hydrated, and amazingly were not plugs, but good sized plants. I have dealt with lots of wholesalers and retailers in my long career and I can say I am proud to be one of your newest customers. I know it is hard work to get perennials delivered to customers in good shape, but even the most hard to please plantlovers will want your plants. Thank you.

Stephanie Cohen

"The Perennial Diva"


My order arrived in excellent condition. Your staff has been very responsive to all of my requests and I will definitely be doing business with you again in the future.

Fred A.
Plant  Breeder


I just received my shipment- ORDER #1446. I wanted to let you know that I was delighted at the quality of your plants. They looked vibrant and healthy, and I could tell that the packaging was done with great thought and care. I will definitely look to you for future purchases.


Brenda H.


The staff at Rare Roots is helpful, knowledgeable and responsive to communications/questions. Plants arrived quickly after ordering. They were beautiful, healthy, well developed and packaged in a most excellent manner. Such a good experience.

Aysha Q.

New York, NY


My experience with Rare Roots has been exceptional on every level. The plants I have ordered  came promptly and were wrapped with exceptional care. They appeared in good health. When I did have a problem after planting,  Rare Roots were responsive and tried to figure out what the problem was. They offered to replace plants that were damaged even though fault did not seem to be theirs. I received my new plants in the same outstanding condition as first. They are in the ground and appear to be thriving. I intend to continue ordering from Rare Roots in the future.

They have my heartfelt recommendation.

Alice C.


Hello, I just received my order.  The plants are very healthy and I wanted to let you know that I have never received plants packed so well!  Great job! Thank you!

Darlene M., Schaumburg IL


Your plants are the best I have ever ordered. Beautifully packed and in perfect shape.

Thank you so much. I have been looking for Heuchera 'Snow Angels' for 3 years.

Best, Nita