Our Story

McKenzie, Mitzi, Zoe, Reagan, & Sandy (Clockwise)

Rare Roots is a perennial plant mail order company owned and operated by women. Our family has been growing perennials for over 30 years in central Virginia.

What started as a small, front yard family business has now expanded into a successful perennial nursery that sits on over 30 acres. All of our plants are grown in outdoor beds (Zone 7) to ensure durability. We specialize in common as well as some of the more unusual varieties of perennial flowers, ferns, grasses, hosta, and groundcovers. We’ve been successfully serving our local region for years.

After many mail order requests came in from all over the country, we decided to expand our reach and open Rare Roots. We are committed to growing and selling quality perennials so all of our plants come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our goal is to ship our plants in the most careful and cost-effective way feasible.

We appreciate any and all customer feedback as we are still perfecting the structure of our mail order business. Please send any questions/concerns to info@rareroots.com