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    Zone 9, 10                Late March

    Zone 8                      Late March – Early April

    Zone 7                      Early – Mid April

    Zone 6                      Mid – Late April

    Zone 5                      Late April – Early May

    Zone 4, 3, 2              Early – Mid May

     We can ship plants to you any time of the year, but perennial plants generally go dormant in the winter. Some plant-lovers aren’t satisfied when receiving a sleeping plant, so we set up suggested spring shipping periods by hardiness zone (for assistance determining your zone, please refer to the USDA website here). Orders placed December through March will be shipped in the spring via hardiness zone, unless otherwise indicated in the special instructions box in your shopping cart. Orders placed April through November will go out ASAP. In order to avoid packages being held up in transit over the weekend, we only ship packages out on Mondays and Tuesdays. Orders placed before Thursday at midnight will go out the following week if the products on order are ready to ship. Orders placed after that time period will not be shipped until the next shipping week.

     There are some perennials that don't emerge until early summer and others that have periods of summer dormancy. It is possible you may receive a dormant plant at various times throughout the year. We ship via UPS ground, and their ship rates are automatically generated through our site. We make no money on shipping, and we are working with UPS to get our customers the best rates possible. All ship times are subject to change if extreme weather conditions are present here at the nursery or at the shipping destination. Please note: Depending on the time of year, the foliage of the plants may be trimmed to fit into our shipping boxes. This could delay the flowering of the plant, but many perennials actually benefit from being cut back.