About Our Plants

Rare Roots ships live, growing plants in one-quart pots all over the continental US. The rare exception is our slightly smaller 3.5" inch pot, which will be labeled on a few product pages.

The plants are not guaranteed to be blooming when they arrive, and the foliage may need to be trimmed before shipping to fit them in the box safely.



Our Guarantee:

Our plants are guaranteed to arrive safely in a suitable condition for planting. If they are damaged or if you have concerns, please inform us right away by emailing info@rareroots.com. Even if you are planning to wait and see if it recovers, we need to document the damage on your order.

We are not able to offer warranties or extended guarantees on plants due to the sheer number of variables that can affect their growth and survival.

 one quart perennials for sale online

About Perennials:

Our plants are grown on our 30-acre outdoor nursery in Virginia (available by mail-order only). They are all considered "perennial" if planted within their preferred zone range.

Perennials planted in the coldest zone listed are considered "tender perennials", and may not overwinter in a severe winter. For example: if a plant is rated for zones 7-10, it would be a tender perennial in zone 7. It's best to plant these in spring or early summer, and preferably in a protected area (such as the South side of building).

You can find your growing zone here: [USDA website]


Plants that arrived at Susan's house in Lancaster.