Polygonatum biflorum var. Commutatum Great Solomon's Seal



Polygonatum biflorum var. Commutatum has tall, upright, arching graceful stems of deep green, narrow leaves that provide a lovely architectural form in the garden. In early summer, pairs of elongate white bell flowers dangle from each leaf node. These are followed by blue-black berries in fall that will be eaten by birds. Polygonatum biflorum var. Commutatum slowly spreads to form showy stands. It leaves usually turn showy golden yellow in autumn, an uncommon characteristic in perennial plants.

Native to the eastern two-thirds of North America, Polygonatum biflorum var. Commutatum is usually found growing in deciduous woodlands, edges of shady seeps and along overgrown fence lines.

Polygonatum biflorum var. Commutatum prefers light shade to partial sun and moist to slightly dry loamy soil. It is very tolerant of less than ideal conditions, including fairly deep shade.


  • Common Names: Great Solomon's Seal
  • Zones: 3-9
  • Light Requirements: Part Shade to Shade
  • Soil Preference: Prefers moist, well-drained soil
  • Height at Maturity: 36-48
  • Width at Maturity: 18-36
  • Bloom Color: White/Cream
  • Bloom Time: Late spring early summer

Special Features

  • Attracts:
  • Tolerates: Deer. Rabbits. Clay Soil. Drought. Juglone.
  • Other Features: Cut Flower. Native to North America.

Care and Growing Tips

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