Solidago caesia Blue-stem Goldenrod



Solidago caesia has clusters of tiny, bright yellow flowers that appear at the leaf nodes in late summer to early fall. Also known as Blue-stem or Wreath Goldenrod, it has arching, purple-blue stems and narrow lance shaped leaves. Native bees, wasps and flies are attracted to both its pollen and nectar. Great for woodland edges and partially shaded borders.

Solidgo caesia is native to the eastern portions of the United States from Texas to Wisconsin and eastward to Maine and south to Florida. It extends upward into Quebec and Ontario, Canada. It is usually found in open upland woodlands, on shaded slopes and rocky cliffs.

Solidgo caesia prefers partial shade to sun and average to dry soil. It tolerates coarse soils and clay. Wreath Goldenrod tolerates drought, once established, and is usually pest resistant. It is sometimes afflicted with rust. Solidago are insect pollinated and do not typically cause hay fever.


  • Common Names: Blue-stem Goldenrod
  • Zones: 4-9
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun to Light Shade
  • Soil Preference: Average to poor and dry or wet sites
  • Height at Maturity: 36
  • Width at Maturity: 24
  • Bloom Color: Yellow
  • Bloom Time: August - October

Special Features

  • Attracts: Butterflies. Pollinators.
  • Tolerates: Deer. Clay Soil. Coastal Conditions. Drought.
  • Other Features: Native to North America.

Care and Growing Tips

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