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There's more to these shade-loving perennials than you might expect! With our collection of ferns, we offer perennial ferns for sale online that ship right to you.

Ferns are one of the oldest groups of plants on Earth. Their long history has allowed for lots of genera and considerable variance among the species.

Most perennial ferns grow best in shade and prefer soil with adequate moisture, although some ferns will tolerate partial sun if moisture levels are sufficient. Some ferns are remarkably tolerant of dry conditions. Unattractive foliage may be removed during the growing season but allow foliage to remain in the fall - leaving the old fronds over the winter provides cold protection for the plant’s crown.  It is best to wait to remove old fronds until you see new growth start to emerge in the spring.

Ferns include both deciduous and evergreen varieties and can make great ground cover perennials. Find the perfect fern for your landscape with our perennial ferns for sale online.

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