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    Salvia, also known as Sage, is a genus of versatile perennial plants that are drought and heat tolerant, with scented foliage that is deer and rabbit resistant. They are favorites of hummingbirds and many pollinators. Meadow Sage, such as ‘May Night’ and ‘Marcus,’ form basal rosettes of crinkled leaves that are topped with spikes of crowded, small, colorful blooms all summer long.  Meadow Sage are hardy to at least zone 5-8. Autumn Sage, such as ‘Hot Lips’ and ‘Furman’s Red,’ form bushy clumps of semi-woody stems with small smooth leaves and loose spires of ½” to 1” showy flowers. Their heaviest bloom is in early summer and fall. Autumn Sage are southwestern natives that require full sun and well-drained soil. They are usually hardy in zone 7 and above.