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    Hardy Hibiscus

    Hardy Hibiscus, or Rose-mallow, is a tropical looking hardy perennial with large, showy summer blooms. These dinner-plate sized blooms are definite show-stoppers in the garden. Most varieties are hardy in zones 5-10 and bloom midsummer.

    When choosing a variety it is important to consider how wet the soil will be and how tall the Hibiscus will be at maturity. Hibiscus coccineus, Hibiscus moscheutos, and Hibiscus militaris can handle wet soil and standing water. Hibsicus 'Holy Grail' is 4' tall, whereas Hibiscus coccineus can get to be 7' tall. 

    Hardy Hibiscus can tolerate clay soil and can be long-blooming, especially if deadheaded throughout the season. These perennial flowers are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Hibiscus stems should not be cut back until new growth emerges in the spring. Their winter stems can be very attractive in the landscape. Hibiscus are also one of the last plants to emerge from winter dormancy.