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    RARE ROOTS BLOG — Veronica Sunshine

    Perennials for Winter Containers

    I am an avid gardener of many years who is always looking for an easier way to give me the gratification of gardening with much less physical output. Much of my effort is now centered on growing interesting plants on my shady deck. I am especially enjoying an 18”x 6” outdoor container I purchased at a home goods store. I filled it with soil and added pots of small, low growing plants and tall, textured accent plants on December 4th. We got about a foot of snow one week later so I was a bit worried about how the plants would look during the rest of the long winter months facing me. When the snow finally melted, I was very pleased with the plants’ appearance.


    The Carex ‘Everillo’ was the bright yellow focus of my design and the Arum italicum still stood a few inches tall despite the weight of the snow. Contrasting with the yellow Acorus minimus ‘Aureus’ and Veronica ‘Sunshine’ on the left is the very small, dark Heuchera ‘Coco.’ Anchoring the Carex ‘Everillo’ is the one-inch tall Leptinella potentillina which cascades over the edge of the container. On the right, the tiny green leaves of the Cymbalaria aequitriloba and the shiny leaves of the Sedum tetractinum surround my favorite small Heuchera, ‘Blondie.’

    I look forward to watching my miniature garden each day this winter and know that I will continue to enjoy these evergreen gems as the weather warms up. Even on a dark rainy day, the yellow and chartreuse tones outside my window find a way to lift my spirits. I smile at how much enjoyment the 20 minutes of work and design are able to bring me.